Competitive Rates and Quality Instruction

Prepare for your Restricted or Full Licence test

Learn to drive from complete beginner or some experience

Travel on our roads safely during your holiday

Support your employees in company vehicles

Gain and build confidence for your Senior Driving test

Prepare and practice for your International Licence

Prepare for your Restricted or Full License Test

We offer restricted and full licence lessons that are the perfect preparation for your driving test. We can tailor each lesson to suit your needs and ensure you have the best chance possible of passing your test.

Learn to drive

A good way to start a new driver is to have 3-5 lessons with a professional driving instructor to teach the basic driving skills. After this initial stage plenty of practice helps develop their skills with 2-5 more lessons spread over a period of time to develop their searching, hazard identification, hazard response and other skills such as parking.

NZ Land and Transport recommend the learner driver to clock up 120 hours of practice before sitting their driving test, with this much practice they are 30% less likely to crash when driving alone.

Travel safely on our roads during your holiday

We offer travellers on their existing license, a one-off orientation lesson. We can assist with the driving of automatic/manual cars and camper vans. Your increased confidence and safe driving will enrich your NZ experience.

Support your employees in company vehicles

In light of Health and Safety standards it is now common practice for companies to provide driver assessment and training for employees who drive whilst at work.

This service also supports industries that are involved in the transportation of others, for example, volunteers, teachers and coaches. These roles and responsibilities require drivers to be safe and competent when transporting passengers.

Senior Driving Test

Drivers have to renew their license at age 75, 80 and every two years after that. To renew your license past your 75th birthday you will need to visit your doctor to gain a Medical Certificate for your Driver License.

We encourage our senior drivers to enrol for refresher lessons to give them the confidence to go through the process, and retain their licence and independence.

Prepare and practice for your International Licence

If you are from overseas and are looking to get a NZ license, our driving school offers lessons with this focus. Our instructor will help prepare the driver for NZ road conditions. They will educate and familiarise the driver with the NZ road rules in preparation for their practical test.